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Technology Without Borders

As I sit down on the 125 bus heading towards Rondizzoni metro station, it hit me how amazing this globalized tech world has become. I’m not sure when it happened. Maybe it happened 2 months ago when I had packed up and came down to Santiago. Maybe. I spend fewer hours a day in front […]

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Restitution: The Project

  A Complex Issue World War 2 ends. You’ve seen the systematic massacring of your friends, family and countrymen. Time to rebuild from the ashes. But your house is being lived in. Your business has undergone a name change. You think the government might help, but it really has bigger problems to deal with, including […]

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selfies for solidarity

Getting Political, The Ups and Downs

The Choice I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a business in Montreal for a while. Whether it be a startup, a cafe, a bar or even a drone flying center, it would require a substantial investment, time and commitment. The investment is not only in the business, but in the city, province and […]

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Dripping Flowers_117

3 Time Lapse Projects or What to Do With Cold Winter Weather

Winter in Canada is an absolutely¬†terrible thing. It’s cold, long and depressing. Smart animals are hibernating. It seems the popular opinion is that it’s alright if you get out and take advantage of a world that gets buried in 30 degrees below zero. There’s ice hockey, hunting, activities that involve hurtling down mountains and even¬†competitive […]

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Blue and Gold Do A Little Dance On My Fridge

A stopmotion I worked on with the very talented Joanne. Two hesitant magnets, Shuffle towards one another, They change heads, Bodies fall apart, And things kind of work out Here’s a behind the scenes (which also made for the first picture I posted to Instagram).

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The Pieces From the Wabi Sabi Show At Espace Pop

So back on May 22/23 at Espace Pop in Montreal, I had a show on the theme of Wabi Sabi. It’s taken me over 3 months to get the art online here, but hey, it’s summer, and who wants to be on a computer anyway? But here they are. If you are interested in purchasing […]

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Wabi Sabi: Exploration of A Quiet Undeclared Beauty And Elegant Simplicity

It’s the art of finding beauty in imperfection in the world around us. It’s about accepting the natural cycle of growth, decay and all that’s between. Simple, slow, and uncluttered, revering authenticity above all… A celebration of time, character and the face it leaves behind, while appreciating the wear and tear, its personality over production. […]

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