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A Glimpse Into Valparaiso, Chile

  What Christmas Looks Like in Paradise Valley It’s about 1pm when we arrive in Valparaiso, a 1.5¬†hour bus trip from Santiago. The city is in full Christmas swing. The market, or should I say sidewalks, are teeming with anything that can be wrapped, wrapping paper and those who wrap. An overheating Santa asks me […]

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  • IMG_2730 on the gallery wall
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The Pieces From the Wabi Sabi Show At Espace Pop

So back on May 22/23 at Espace Pop in Montreal, I had a show on the theme of Wabi Sabi. It’s taken me over 3 months to get the art online here, but hey, it’s summer, and who wants to be on a computer anyway? But here they are. If you are interested in purchasing […]

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  • The Preacher In Louis Armstrong Park The Preacher In Louis Armstrong Park
  • The Preacher In Louis Armstrong Park
  • Chartres street, New Orleans
  • Chartres street, New Orleans New Orleans Scene
  • Euclid Records Euclid Records
  • New Orleans_60 What Would Say?

Bohemia on the Bayou

It’s been ages and thousands of photos since I’ve updated this blog-site of mine. A site overhaul has been in the works for a bit now, between traveling around the USA and leaving my job to pursue new opportunities, it’s been on the backburner. So in the meantime. New Orleans. An amazing culture. Art scene. […]

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