My Grandfather was my introduction to photography. A man that imparted a great wit and care into his photography, exploring the seen and unseen, to share a unique and relatable perspective. I look to impart a similar simple, accessible aesthetic, with inspiration being drawn from the details, the color, the lines and the life that is begging to be noticed.

Photography is a meditation to me on what I see around me, whether a wall detail in Buenos Aires, a couch in New Orleans, a window display in Zurich, or the street lights in my backyard – to me it is about attempting to understand and reconnecting with what otherwise appears superficial.

My travels and experiences have given me an appreciation for the intricacy of the world around us. The photos I’ve taken remain as evidence to me that the world is a fascinating place.

I work at the intersection of marketing and creativity, and believe the two can honor and benefit one another.

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