Saturday in Santiago: Hiking up Cerro Pochoco With One Shoe Off

My birthday just a couple weeks back, 2 days or so before coming to this wonderful city that is Santiago.

I was lucky enough to receive a GoPro, from Natasha.

In my desire to experiment a bit with how we can use the internet and technology to tell stories in a different way, I thought it would be great to shoot a first-person video telling the story of one day in Santiago.

It’s unscripted, leaves a lot to chance, where composition, timing and light determine the quality.

And it remains honest.

The GoPro lends itself very well to this form, though I see the limitations of the quality especially when comparing it to the glass on my 60D (DSLR). It is wearable, very small, pretty wide lens and durable (waterproof!).

I’m pretty happy about the outcome here.

Now if only Natasha’s right foot Salomon boot didn’t disintegrate 1/4 of the way up the Cerro Pochoco trail, there’d be some better views. Though less of a story perhaps.

And a good story vs. a good view? It’s worth a discussion.


Salomon hiking shoes

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