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What I expect when she’s expecting

Note: I first wrote this a while ago and couldn’t publish until now. Just to clarify.   It’s New Year’s Eve. My girlfriend and I are in Santiago, Chile, a solid 9500 km from our family and friends. We’ve been living here for nearly 2 (very long) months. She, my 3-month pregnant girlfriend, wants to indulge […]

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A Few of the Things I Lost in South America

  What: A 32 GB memory card with about 2 weeks worth of photos from Patagonia Where: Somewhere between our hostel and the bus heading to camp out in Petrohue When: March 10th 2015 How: This one hurts because of the pictures. We headed out of Puerto Varas, a small town facing the splendid Osorno volcano, […]

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A good place for a proposal? A good place for a proposal?

10 Highlights From 5 Months in South America

  A lot can happen over the course of 5 months. Even more so when you are spending the time bussing across 4000km of South America What a 5 months it has been. Personal and professionally, the sights seen, experiences had, and immersive cultural experiences on so many levels. The bucket list got shorter, and […]

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Technology Without Borders

As I sit down on the 125 bus heading towards Rondizzoni metro station, it hit me how amazing this globalized tech world has become. I’m not sure when it happened. Maybe it happened 2 months ago when I had packed up and came down to Santiago. Maybe. I spend fewer hours a day in front […]

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A Glimpse Into Valparaiso, Chile

  What Christmas Looks Like in Paradise Valley It’s about 1pm when we arrive in Valparaiso, a 1.5 hour bus trip from Santiago. The city is in full Christmas swing. The market, or should I say sidewalks, are teeming with anything that can be wrapped, wrapping paper and those who wrap. An overheating Santa asks me […]

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A Few Things About Santiago, Chile

It’s been an exciting few weeks here. The ups and downs of moving to a city on the other side of the world, with not an old friend in sight. No familiar restaurants, bars and neighbourhoods. On the plus side, it brings on a whole new need to re-establish what is thought of as the […]

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Restitution: The Project

  A Complex Issue World War 2 ends. You’ve seen the systematic massacring of your friends, family and countrymen. Time to rebuild from the ashes. But your house is being lived in. Your business has undergone a name change. You think the government might help, but it really has bigger problems to deal with, including […]

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selfies for solidarity

Getting Political, The Ups and Downs

The Choice I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a business in Montreal for a while. Whether it be a startup, a cafe, a bar or even a drone flying center, it would require a substantial investment, time and commitment. The investment is not only in the business, but in the city, province and […]

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The complex story that is China in Africa

This is a cross-post of an article I wrote on Spundge… Africa has been undergoing a tremendous shift in past decade, including increased stability, decreased political turmoil, and financial growth. During that same period, China has also experienced tremendous growth. It’s not such a coincidence. The Chinese thirst for natural resources, along with its trade […]

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