Five Steps to Stimulate Creativity

Abstract ColorsA “yes-yes” attitude
This is instead of a “yes-but” attitude. Rather than focus on what won’t work, try to take an idea to its next step.

Have a beginner’s mind
Try to look at old problems with a beginner’s insight. Invite input from people who know little about the problem. This can lead to breakthrough ideas.

No need to be right
Keep an open mind, and let go of the need to be right. It can lead to new ideas.

Willingness to suspend judgment
Learn to be an encourager of ideas, and withhold judgment on them as long as possible.

Recognize and let go of assumptions
Keep asking why, and you’ll be surprised at the answers. This is much better than hanging on to an assumption about an idea.

I came across this here thought I would share it


  1. Dan Levy says:

    Holy SEO, Batman :)

  2. Joey Tanny says:

    How so, Mr. first comment on my blog?

  3. Dan Levy says:

    “Five steps to…..”

    Shall I call you Mr. Link Bait?

  4. Joey Tanny says:

    Lol, hell no/yes…wasn’t my intention. I am not trying to get traffic…yet. Optimization to come…

  5. Dan Levy says:

    …not that there’s anything wrong with it.

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