A Little Mess A Little Mess

Right Now Its All About You

The weather is gray
Or something like it
You are about to go for a jog
Conscious of the fact that you wouldn’t dress this way in public otherwise
You are contextualized
You are safe

Another bald headed round belied man sits in a speedo
Its ok. Here. Now
Except there is no sun
And its not a beach

It is problematic when it isn’t about you
We will never be given the chance to live as anyone else
Except what or who you want to be
A mirror of your society

What makes you who you are is nothing more than what’s around you
Unique is defined by which activities you’ve selected to imitate
You as a social member of a society and nothing more than a member of your choice of community
Of which no one else has exactly the same

You are therefore interesting
You have a different view
I would love to look through your eyes
Because you are not me
You are more interesting to me
At least than I am to myself

You are blessed with a perspective
Abuse it
How different can you think?
Think random
Don’t just see when you can observe

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