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What I expect when she’s expecting

Note: I first wrote this a while ago and couldn’t publish until now. Just to clarify.   It’s New Year’s Eve. My girlfriend and I are in Santiago, Chile, a solid 9500 km from our family and friends. We’ve been living here for nearly 2 (very long) months. She, my 3-month pregnant girlfriend, wants to indulge […]

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A Few of the Things I Lost in South America

  What: A 32 GB memory card with about 2 weeks worth of photos from Patagonia Where: Somewhere between our hostel and the bus heading to camp out in Petrohue When: March 10th 2015 How: This one hurts because of the pictures. We headed out of Puerto Varas, a small town facing the splendid Osorno volcano, […]

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A Few Things About Santiago, Chile

It’s been an exciting few weeks here. The ups and downs of moving to a city on the other side of the world, with not an old friend in sight. No familiar restaurants, bars and neighbourhoods. On the plus side, it brings on a whole new need to re-establish what is thought of as the […]

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From FLL To MSY: A Celebration Of State

I will celebrate this state A state of deep vulnerability The turbulence and swings The troughs and heights Now, the suffering of a beaten confidence.   A through But free to create a path from here That’s worth celebrating Having a conversation with myself A moment to think and commiserate over what is and was. […]

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5 Stages of Winter Grief

Ever wonder why we live in a cold country like Canada? Using the Kübler-Ross model for the 5 Stages of Grief is the best way to justify living in Arctic like condition.

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Happiness Happiness

Here’s To Happiness

These thoughts are based on a secondary research project It was done maybe 4 years ago The goal: What are the causes of Subjective Well-Being (the scientific term for happiness)? For this project I looked at several potential causes Was SWB genetic? A study looked at identical twins They should be equally happy Wrong. There […]

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A Little Mess A Little Mess

Right Now Its All About You

The weather is gray Or something like it You are about to go for a jog Conscious of the fact that you wouldn’t dress this way in public otherwise You are contextualized You are safe Another bald headed round belied man sits in a speedo Its ok. Here. Now Except there is no sun And […]

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