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A good place for a proposal? A good place for a proposal?

10 Highlights From 5 Months in South America

  A lot can happen over the course of 5 months. Even more so when you are spending the time bussing across 4000km of South America What a 5 months it has been. Personal and professionally, the sights seen, experiences had, and immersive cultural experiences on so many levels. The bucket list got shorter, and […]

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Restitution: The Project

  A Complex Issue World War 2 ends. You’ve seen the systematic massacring of your friends, family and countrymen. Time to rebuild from the ashes. But your house is being lived in. Your business has undergone a name change. You think the government might help, but it really has bigger problems to deal with, including […]

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Blue and Gold Do A Little Dance On My Fridge

A stopmotion I worked on with the very talented Joanne. Two hesitant magnets, Shuffle towards one another, They change heads, Bodies fall apart, And things kind of work out Here’s a behind the scenes (which also made for the first picture I posted to Instagram).

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