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Getting Political, The Ups and Downs

The Choice I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a business in Montreal for a while. Whether it be a startup, a cafe, a bar or even a drone flying center, it would require a substantial investment, time and commitment. The investment is not only in the business, but in the city, province and […]

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painting class montreal

A Beginner’s Take on Oil Painting

Over the past decade, I’ve shot over 100,000 frames. Easily. My average is probably about 15,000 a year. (And with recent endeavours into timelapse photography, it’s only going up.) All this to say, in retrospect, it’s surprising¬†that it’s taken so long for me to pick up a paintbrush in a meaningful way. I’ve raided a […]

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Taking the Stage With Improv Comedy

I’ve set a bit of a challenge for myself. I’m going to try new activities or classes on a monthly basis, gaining exposure to new ideas, while networking under creative circumstance and all the while finding new sources of inspiration. If ideas are by nature are evolutionary, layers on top of layers of thoughts, the […]

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