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What I expect when she’s expecting

Note: I first wrote this a while ago and couldn’t publish until now. Just to clarify.   It’s New Year’s Eve. My girlfriend and I are in Santiago, Chile, a solid 9500 km from our family and friends. We’ve been living here for nearly 2 (very long) months. She, my 3-month pregnant girlfriend, wants to indulge […]

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A Few of the Things I Lost in South America

  What: A 32 GB memory card with about 2 weeks worth of photos from Patagonia Where: Somewhere between our hostel and the bus heading to camp out in Petrohue When: March 10th 2015 How: This one hurts because of the pictures. We headed out of Puerto Varas, a small town facing the splendid Osorno volcano, […]

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Taking the Stage With Improv Comedy

I’ve set a bit of a challenge for myself. I’m going to try new activities or classes on a monthly basis, gaining exposure to new ideas, while networking under creative circumstance and all the while finding new sources of inspiration. If ideas are by nature are evolutionary, layers on top of layers of thoughts, the […]

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From FLL To MSY: A Celebration Of State

I will celebrate this state A state of deep vulnerability The turbulence and swings The troughs and heights Now, the suffering of a beaten confidence.   A through But free to create a path from here That’s worth celebrating Having a conversation with myself A moment to think and commiserate over what is and was. […]

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Dancing with Myself

Where am I ? Its been a while I’m about to meet me again Its beyond multiple personality Not sure who I was But I know that I am I pinch myself It worked

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I Had A Dream Last Night

I had a dream last night I finally got that dream mustang gto It was a beauty But I couldn’t sleep anymore What is was stolen What if it got scratched Eventually, I traded it for a sandy colored mosaic style Noone would want to steal it And you couldn’t scratch it if you tried

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