Digital Signage: A Fast Growing & Fascinating Industry

This is a cross post of an article I originally wrote for Sparksheet…

The Internet has transformed advertising from a one-way broadcast medium into a truly interactive, two-way experience. But one area that most people still associate with the advertising 1.0 era is the out-of-home industry. While digital signage has been around for decades, billboards, posters and in-aisle promotions have for the most part remained in the pre-Internet age.

But that’s starting to change. Smart brands and savvy advertisers are using screens to engage passersby in a creative, entertaining and memorable way. Technological advancements in touchscreens, gestural interface and facial recognition software are making rich, interactive out-of-home campaigns a reality.

As younger consumers turn away from traditional media, innovative and interactive digital campaigns are becoming an invaluable way to reach the increasingly important millennial crowd.

With mobile adoption, post-recession marketing budgets and screen technology on the ascent, the out-of-home industry is poised to come out of its shell.

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  1. Lawrence says:

    Ah, yes. Fascinating is a good word. So is cutthroat and fragmented….

    • Joey Tanny says:

      Also good words…So is new…and as with any industry that is experiencing strong growth, young and “looking for an identity”, the level of fragmentation and competition is to be expected.

      Thanks for dropping by!

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